Using PodCleaner with video files

You can also use PodCleaner to clean video files, in this case to clean the audio track of video files.

This can be convenient, useful and / or necessary on several occasions, for example if we have to improve the audio of an interview, clarifying the dialogue between two people, or to make a tutorial more intelligible.

Unlike audio files, however, you need a bit more work.

The workflow that you must follow is the following: first, you have to extract the audio from the original file, clean it with PodCleaner, and then join the file generated by PodCleaner to the original video file:


There are several ways to do this, we illustrate below the easiest (and that does not require the purchase of additional software).

Suppose we want to clean up the audio of this tutorial we recorded:


To extract the audio track from video files, you should download this program: MPEG Streamclip, which by the way is free.

Once opened MPEG Streamclip, open the video file (File> Open File):


Then, from the File menu, select Export audio. In the dialog box that follows leave everything unchanged:


And finally set where you want to save the audio track, for convenience we recommend that you select the same folder as the original video file. Once finished, this is what you will have in the source folder:


At this point we can work on this new audio file with PodCleaner, however, have the foresight to not select Remove Pauses, because this would change the duration of the file and you would lose sync with the video:


Once processing is complete, in the source folder we will have these three files: the original video, audio track and finally the cleaned audio track done by PodCleaner:


At this point we only need to synchronize video and audio into the editing software, in our example we will use Final Cut Pro X.

Import into the Library the original video file and cleaned audio file:


Select both and select the menu item Clip> Synchronize clips. Set Use audio for synchornization and click OK.

Final Cut Pro X will create a new item in the library with the same name as the video file but with suffix “synchronized“:


Select this item and look in the inspector the Audio tab: if you scroll down (Channel Configuration) you can see that the audio is made up of two different tracks, the original (Storyline) and linked one (Connected):


Simply uncheck the original audio track:


At this point if we drag the synchronized clips in the timeline we have the original video track but with the cleaned audio:


Similar operations can be done easily with almost any other video editing softwares.

Remember, however, that all PodCleaner options are still selectable or not selectable, for which starting from the noise reduction up to normalization, these can be safely turned on or off, depending on the nature of the audio or of necessity.

For example you could choose not to activate the normalization in PodCleaner then use a compression filter in the editing software.